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    Automated Industrial Technologies (AIT) will showcase its newly designed HY400 High-Speed Resaw and other pallet manufacturing equipment at the 2014 East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition (EXPO RICHMOND) in the Old Dominion Building in partnership with Pallet Machinery Group. The biennial event, held May 16 and 17 at the Richmond Raceway Complex, draws attendees from the lumber processing industry in North America and internationally. www.exporichmond.com
    AIT will debut the HY400 Center-Cut Thin Kerf Trim Saw with integrated infeed and exit rollers and an innovative blade design that processes boards at up to 400 ft. per minute. The HY400 Resaw is designed to deliver greater accuracy of cut and lower overall lifetime cost of operation over a traditional band saw. A preshow demonstration of the saw can be viewed on video at http://youtu.be/FYkSIEkVye8 . Two 50-hp cutting spindles that drive multiple 12-inch blades each. Laterally-mounted cutting spindles and blades are easily serviced through the front-mounted Lexan door panel.
    Gary Sill, CEO of AIT, designed the HY400 for durability and speed with both hardwood and softwood. “We built the HY400 with technology to overcome many of the pains and frustrations lumber mills are experiencing. This saw is compact, fast, accurate easy to maintain”, says Sill.
    Also included in AIT’s working demonstration will be two high-speed board stackers. The TS300 Board Stacker with Unscrambler and optional four position Tie Strip Feeder and powered out feed conveyor is capable of automatically stacking up to 25 layers per minute of cut materials 24” to 72” long and 3/8” to 4” thick. The workhorse of the AIT board stacker family, the high-speed M2L and Unscrambler, will be running behind a Storti gang saw, stacking up to 15 layers per minute.
    Automated Industrial Technologies, www.autoindtech.com , has designed and built innovative and cost-justified solutions for production and testing machinery in the automotive, defense, electronics, energy, lumber, medical, and pharmaceutical industries since 1991.

-Beth Knabel (3-14-2014)

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